Zentreks allows you to get outside and stay outside!


ZenTreksLtd. (“ZenTreks”) was founded on the idea to combine personal tactical mobility with ultimate sustainability to create state-of-the-art tactical and outdoor utility gear. 
Based on years of extensive investment in research and development by brothers and co-founders Dennis and Norman Ho,ZenTreks, Ltd. is proud to introduce its personal tactical backpack systems that provide end users with ongoing access to sustainable sourced energy.  ZenTreks’ cutting edge nano-engineered next generation ballistic fabric material and next generation flexible solar panel technology make ZenTreks backpack systems unlike anything else seen on the market today.  Our goal is to enable you, the end user, to “Get Outside and Stay Outside.”


To create and market the most advanced technologies, designs, and concepts in sustainable personal tactical mobility.

With offices and a network of production facilities nationwide, we introduce a backpack system that allows individuals to expand and explore the depths the world has to offer.


Take the Future with you, Anywhere you want to go!